Like Francis of Assisi and Magdalen Damen, we trust God’s goodness and providence, living the Gospel in our time with gentle courtesy toward all creation.

- Congregation Charism Statement
Currently, there is one sister living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Currently, there is one sister living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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Sisters of St. Francis
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Holy Name Province

Holy Name Province currently numbers 108 women ranging from 61 to 97 years of age. We have approximately 100 commissioned associates. 

Our sisters are engaged in various ministries of education, health care, pastoral ministry, and social services in the following areas: Florida, New Jersey, New York (primarily in Buffalo and Western New York), Ohio (primarily in Columbus and southeastern Ohio), West Virginia, and other areas. 

Originally incorporated as "The Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart," in 1981 the corporate title was changed to "Sisters of St. Francis of Holy Name Province, Inc." Headquartered at Stella Niagara, New York, we are often commonly referred to as the "Stella Niagara Franciscans." As a corporation, the Sisters of St. Francis of Holy Name Province owns several institutions/properties. These are: Sacred Heart Academy, Buffalo, N.Y., Francis Center in Niagara Falls, N.Y., Stella Niagara in the Town of Lewiston, N.Y., "Stella Maris", our lake house in Angola, N.Y., and several houses serving as residences for local communities. 

Approximately 55 of our sisters live at Stella Niagara where we have an elementary school (Stella Niagara Education Park), a retreat and conference center (Center of Renewal), the Health Center for aged and infirm sisters, and residences for some of our retired sisters and for those involved in the ministries at this location. Offices for our provincial administration are also located at Stella Niagara. 

Throughout the province, whether working with high school young women at the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, young children at Francis Center in Niagara Falls, N.Y., serving as pastoral assistants at a number of diocesan parishes, or working directly with the poor, our sisters continue to bring a Franciscan presence to all those they meet.

Holy Name Province Ministries

The areas of service where our sisters live out their mission.

Hospitality and the Center of Renewal

In 1997, the Center of Renewal began to focus entirely on the ministry of hospitality, and discontinued its retreat programs. In this new life, the center has been well used. Many groups choosing the Center have been religious in nature and have chosen the facility for retreat purposes.

The Center has a separate home on the Web.

Presence and Prayer

Through many years of active ministry, Sisters have served God's people in various areas of need. As they advance in age, the Sisters continue to serve, whether in active ministry or in prayer ministry.


Although our sisters have served as educators in dozens of schools, two have special significance as sponsored institutions: Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart (SHA) and Stella Niagara Education Park (SNEP.) Visit their websites at Sacred Heart and Stella Niagara.

International Missions

Chiapas, Mexico and Tanzania, East Africa. The link for Chiapas takes you to the pdf document - "The Chiapas Connection.

Other Missions

Women's Respite Program, Francis Center.