New Year 2018

What will be your Franciscan focus in the New Year? 

Photo by Laurie Marshanke

Photo by Laurie Marshanke

Live your life beyond the typical New Year's resolutions.  Instead of the same old "lose weight, get healthy, be a better person" options, take your life to a new level and live out your Franciscan Spirituality.  Some thoughts to get you started: 

1. Increase quite time in prayer (meditation). 

2. Create more time for spiritual reading. 

3. Get to know more about the saints; pick a different saint each month and spend time getting to know him or her. (i.e. St. Clare, St. Bonaventure, St. Elizabeth, St. Anthony of Padua...). 

4. Increase your service to those in need. 

5. Share your faith each day by the way you live your Franciscan Spirituality. 

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