From the National Board
Dear Easter People!


Indeed, Easter announces Good News: the risen Christ inaugurates a new existence. We live in a new age!   It is an era in which the Peace of God is newly alive in our world – bringing about a unity, connectedness, relationship previously broken, dismantled and destroyed. “PEACE” is THE Easter word and THE Easter reality – ushering in a whole new dimension of the Peace that was announced by the angels at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

We know well the primacy of peace in the life of Francis of Assisi, a person known throughout the world for eight centuries as a peace-maker par excellence. Francis viewed peacemaking as his particular vocation, as a calling personally entrusted to him by God. Near the end of his life, sharing his most precious message in his last Testament, Francis states: “God revealed to me a greeting that we should say: ‘May God give you peace.’” With that revelation came a vision of the world that understood the relatedness of all the members of God’s family and the innate dignity of each person. The sharing of that greeting was no mere “good morning” but a blessing intended to effect the words it spoke. While instructing his followers to offer the peace greeting to everyone they met, Francis realized that the most effective vehicle in conveying their message was their own behavior.

Indeed it is in our daily acts of welcoming others by accepting graciously who they are and stretching ourselves to a deeper openness, a keener listening, a more profound respect, more joyful generosity, humbler service, more trusting dialogue, more compassionate attitude that we live the EASTER PEACE. Our world cries for the peace of God which has been extravagantly unleashed – waiting to be embraced and incarnated. Imagine the power we possess! Imagine the healing and hope of which we are capable!

25 years ago Pope John Paul II invited world religious leaders to ASSISI to pray for peace and witness to the world that religions can be a source of peace and goodness.

It was a monumental event from which sprang new energies for global peace and relationship-building. Consider ways that you might promote those peace energies this year by joining others in observing the Assisi Gathering. Check the website for helpful suggestions.

May God give you peace!
(And may you never tire of sharing this greeting!)

Your Sister,
Kathy Warren, OSF
National Board Member

Commission of Elected Leaders (CEL)
The Executive Council of the Commission of Elected Leaders (ECCEL) met in Chicago May 4-5. Review of the By-Laws in preparation for the review by all the members of the Commission of Elected Leaders was an important part of the agenda.
The ECCEL continues to invite nominations for membership on the ECCEL. Those nominated need to be in leadership with two years left of their terms. The opportunity to serve is an opportunity to engage members of the CEL in deepening the Franciscan Charism within themselves and within their Communities.
The CEL wants to take this opportunity to invite all Third Order Franciscans to come together in Milwaukee July 27-30 to reflect and share insights on “Becoming a Sacred Flame: Francis, Clare and John’s Gospel.”
In this Easter Season, we wish the joy and peace of the Lord to all.

Commission of Regions (COR)
We pray all of us had and are having many blessings during this Easter Season. Jesus Christ has Risen and we are all people of Light. May we bring this light, joy, and peace to our suffering world where there are so many natural disasters and wars and where our brothers and sisters are hungry, homeless, and poor. We have received the LIGHT and let us be light.
We are working on the COR break-out session to take place at the Annual Federation Conference in July. And we once again ask you to send to Sister Betty Kane  any suggestions or recommendations you may want to include in the agenda. We also have posted the nominees for the vacancies that will be on the National Board and the Executive Committee in July. The voting will take place at this session also.

Click  COR webpage - Nominees and Profiles to view pictures and to read the profiles of the nominees for the National Board and the Executive Committee.

In preparation for the theme of the conference—“Becoming a Sacred Flame: Francis, Clare and John's Gospel”—we recommended last month that you ponder the Gospel of St. John and reflect on why Francis and Clare were so taken up with this Gospel. There is another short book published by the Franciscan Heritage Series, Vol.4, called The Franciscan Vision and the Gospel of John. It is only 60 pages. All of these will help us prepare for the wonderful insights, studies, and presentations we will be receiving from our keynote speakers Michael Blastic OFM and Nancy Schreck OSF.
We look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee in July.
Visit the new COR webpage on the Federation website at
Commission of Charism Services (CCS)
Have you visited our CCS page on the FranFed website recently? If you haven’t, please check it out! Thanks to the creative work of Margaret Magee, our Associate Director, the section is now more user friendly than ever.  

Click CCS webpage - Nominees and Profiles to view pictures and to read the profiles of the National Board and Executive Committee nominees for Election at the CCS Business Meeting at the AFC– short bios with pictures! Thank you to all who are willing to serve and to all those who gave this request prayerful consideration.

At last year’s business meeting those attending requested us to gather a “Speaker’s list and a “Facilitator’s” list. The completed speaker’s list is on file at the Federation Office. We already have a “facilitator’s list in the Office but we would like to put additional names on the list. If you are a Facilitator and are interested in being on our list, please send your contact information (name, email address, mailing address and types and lengths of programs you are interested in facilitating) to Margaret at Thank you, we welcome you to our listing.

We are still trying to populate a few of our Ministry Groups: they are Eldercare, Healthcare, Finance/Development, Musicians, Pastoral Care, and SFO Spiritual Advisors.  If have an interest in networking with others in any of these areas, please send your contact information and the Ministry Group you would like to join to Margaret Magee Please check our web page on in the Organization section, and see which ministry groups you are interested in joining so that you can connect with others in your ministry.  We have been in the process of getting contact names for each of the group lists – these will soon be noted next to the Ministry Group.

We are still collecting “Transitus” Prayers/Rituals for both St. Francis and St. Clare to have available for the membership. Please check your files to see if you have any that you would like to share with us. Please send them to Sr. Dorothy McCormack or mail copies to her at 5 Paddington Court, Belmont, CA 94002. Please note that we will also need the copyright permission of the author(s) so that we can make these services available on our Franfed website.

Prayerful best wishes as you continue your journey with Jesus during this beautiful Easter season!

Annual Conference 2011 - News!
2011 Franciscan Honorees
This year during the Annual Conference in Milwaukee, we will honor thirty-four Franciscan women and men, religious and associates, who have been selected by their congregations.

In keeping with the conference theme, Becoming a Sacred Flame: Francis, Clare and John's Gospel, the following criteria was the guideline for selecting honorees:

Sisters and Brothers who:
- spark enthusiasm for the charism
- allow their ministry to be a light to the world
- exemplify a passion that ignites others for a cause or ministry
- embody the spirit of their congregation's founder
- live the love expressed in the Gospel of John
- live as Word made Flesh, empowering others to become more
- exhibit a passionate love of life and people

A special prayer and recognition will take place during the conference at the banquet on Friday evening, July 29th. An honoree DVD is being produced which will be viewed throughout the conference and during the banquet.

We congratulate and celebrate our Franciscan honorees who through their lives and faith spark the sacred flame of the Gospel!

To read about each of our honorees go to the Federation website, Annual Conference section or click on the following link: 2011 Franciscan Honorees 

Beatification Notification
The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception whose Generalate is based in New Jersey,  joyfully  announce the Beatification of their Sister Dulce Pontes, a  native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.  The ceremonies to take place in Salvador, Brazil are scheduled for May 22, 2011. 

Sister Dulce who died in 1992 and who was immediately acclaimed saint by popular acclaim, was known as “the good angel of Bahia” or “angel of the poor” because of her tireless efforts to care for abandoned handicapped children, and other poor in need of health care. 
Sister Dulce was a living witness to the charism of the Congregation: to be a contemplative, compassionate presence to all especially to the most needy.

Today the Sister Dulce Hospital, a medical teaching center, is administered by a niece, Rita Pontes  and continues to serve 1,020 inpatients and more than 3,000 outpatients  who daily appear early in the morning to receive health services.

Newly Elected Leadership 

Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota
elected a community Leadership team during their Delegate Assembly April 8-10, 2011. Called forth and chosen by the Community, the sisters elected Sr Beatrice Eichten as Community Minister and President. To complete the Leadership team, the Delegate Assembly also elected First Assistant Minister, Sr Rose Margaret Schneider, Second Assistant Minister, Sr Carolita Mauer and Third Assistant Minister, Sr Susan Knutson. This four-member team will serve from June 2011 through June 2016.

Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn will install their newly elected leaders on May 22, 2011. Brother Bill Boslet OSF, Superior General, Brother Kevin Smith OSF, Assistant Superior General, Brother Richard Contino OSF, Brother Joshua DiMauro OSF and Brother Jeremy Sztabnik OSF, Council Members.
"Following the Non-Violent Jesus on the Way to Peace: A Retreat with Fr. John Dear SJ"
A retreat opportunity with the Sisters of St. Francis, at Assisi Heights, Rochester, MN

Sunday, July 3, 2011 (6:30 pm) to
Saturday, July 9, 2011 (noon) 

Join Fr. John Dear for a weeklong retreat to reflect on the life, teachings and actions of the nonviolent Jesus to deepen our own faith, hope, love and Gospel nonviolence and peacemaking.  Through prayer, presentations, silence and discussion, we will seek to become better contemplatives, activists and prophets of Gospel nonviolence, welcome God's reign of peace and work for a new world without war, poverty, nuclear weapons or global warming. 

John Dear is an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence. He writes a weekly column for the National Catholic Reporter, Recently, Archbishop Desmond Tutu nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize, see

To register: Send $50 non-refundable reservation fee or $400 check payable to AHSC or Assisi Heights Spirituality Center
Mail to: Carol Marie Hemish SSND, 1001 14th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901
See more information on this retreat on the Federation website. Click the link Retreat with Fr. John Dear SJ to go directly to the page.

Next Generation Franciscan Mentors
Annual Gathering

June 27-30, 2011
at The Port, Frankfort, IL

Greater Than a Mother’s Love:
Familial relationships in the lives
of Francis and Clare of Assisi
and cultural implications for formation today.

Presenter: Friar Gilberto Cavazos-González OFM

For more information and registration form contact Sr. Joan Miller, or see the printable brochure on the Federation website, Upcoming Events section or click on the link for a printable Brochure for Next Generation Franciscan Mentors
Deadline for registration is May 9, 2011.

Franciscan Immersion and Rekindling Experence
July 3 - 30, 2011
The Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury, England is offering this FIRE renewal/ongoing formation program for Franciscan leaders and formators interested in updating themselves in the Franciscan Intellectual and Spiritual Tradition.

The brochure with registration information is available on the Federation website, Upcoming Events section, or click on the link Franciscan Immersion and Rekindling Experience 
for a printable brochure. Registration deadline is May 27, 2011. For all inquiries contact: Kathleen Copp OSF or Pauline Marks

Franciscan Action Network
C4C: Franciscan Care for Creation

Franciscan Action Network (FAN) joyfully introduces C4C: Franciscan Care for Creation, a Franciscan formation in Environmental Justice and Caring for Creation. C4C is FAN's adult formation program that prepares communities to live out our ecological vocation by addressing local, national, and international issues. This six-session program includes prayer, stories, visuals, readings, discussion and a companion DVD. Order a copy at for your community and begin the journey! Email Christy Elliott at with questions.
Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs
Assisi Gathering
October 2011

Pope Benedict XVI and representatives of the world’s major religions will make speeches and sign a common commitment to peace when they meet in Assisi on October 27, 2011. The October gathering "Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace" will commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s “prayer for peace” encounter in Assisi.

Franciscan Pilgrimages will have one of their Assisi/Rome Pilgrimages during this time. Perhaps you and others you know are interested in participating. For more information and registration click the following link, Assisi/Rome Pilgrimage October 24 - November 4, 2011 or go to their website

Proclaiming the Compassion of God:
Living with a Jubilee Heart

Jubilee Journal 2011
from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

Walk with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange through the Church year in preparation, reflection and celebration of their 100th Jubilee. This wire bound journal is filled with artwork, biblical passages, poems and personal reflections by the sisters.
The cost per journal is $15 each with discounts available for large orders. Proceeds benefit the Haitian ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Vallier.
Order online at or send quantity and check payable to: Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange,
Attn: Robert Cogswell, 480 S. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92868

Sylvania Franciscan Hermitages
Sylvania, Ohio
Looking for a place to reflect and recharge your spiritual batteries?  Whether you’ve got one or two days or a whole week, consider 89-acres of natural beauty conveniently located just minutes from Toledo, with easy access from major freeways and airport, on the Motherhouse grounds of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio. 
For more information about our two full-service log cabin Hermitages go to our website at:   
or click Hermitage
Contact Sister M. Serra Minier, phone: 419-824-3611, e-mail:

Franciscan Morning and Evening Praise
Prayer Book
Federation Members: $60
Non-members: $65

Go to the Federation web site,  Click Franciscan Resources, in the drop down tab click Prayer Book or click on this link: Prayer Book Order Form
2011 Assisi Pilgrimage Drawing
Chances are available on the Federation website
1 chance $10
3 chances $25

Drawing will be held July 29, 2011 during the Franciscan banquet at the Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI. More information is on our website,  Click on Assisi Drawing.
Click on this link to print flier and chance: Assisi Raffle

2011 AFC
Annual Conference

Becoming a Sacred Flame:
Francis, Clare
and John's Gospel

Logo Artist: Stella DeVenuta OSF
 July 27- 30
 Milwaukee, WI
Keynote Presenters:
Michael Blastic OFM
Nancy Schreck OSF

Registration Now Open
click here for

Printable Registration Form

Click here to make your
Hyatt Milwaukee Reservations

Donate and register for
St. Ben's Run/Walk
for the Hungry
Thursday, July 28th

St Ben's Run/Walk for the Hungry
  “Francis of Assisi
and the Sultan of Egypt:
A 21st Century Message
of Peace and Possibility”
San Damiano Retreat Center, Danville, CA
July 15, 4 pm – July 17,1 pm
Presenter: Kathy Warren, OSF 
For more information
click this link
Register Online Here 

 October 27, 2011
Franciscan Friars of the Atonement
are planning a
Spirit of Assisi program
at Graymoor, Garrison, NY
to mark the
25th anniversary
of the
1986 Assisi Gathering
when Pope John Paull II 
met with leaders
from the many
Christian and non-Christian
religious traditions 
to pray for world peace.

Franciscan Center

Please register by phone or email

Awakening Consciousness:
Realizing the Holy and the Whole

Friday, September 9th, 7:00 pm
to Sunday, September 11th, noon
Come and learn how to respond to one of the greatest human challenges:
The threat to our plantary life systems
Jan Novotka
Retreat facilitator, song writer
Program and Lodging:
$215 for Private
$195 for Shared
$125 Commuter

Franciscan Living:
St. Francis's Song of Gratitude

Fr. Murray Bodo
St. Francis will show us how gratitude becomes praise, and praise leads to a way of living in peace with all creatures.
Friday, Nov. 18th 7:00 pm
to Sunday, Nov. 20th, noon
$215 for Private room
$195 for Shared room
$125 for Commuter

Stella Maris
Retreat & Renewal Center

 Skaneateles, NY
for more information
on the following reteats go to:

Stella Maris Retreat Summer Retreats Page
to register click:
Registration Form

The Evangelical Life Retreat
June 19-24, 2011
Presented by:
 Andre Cirino OFM
and Annie Bremer OSF

A Preached Retreat
with Fr Aedan McKeon OP
and Sr Nancy McAward
June 26-July 2, 2011

 “In Search of Belief” Retreat
Based on the book
by Joan Chittister OSB
July 3-9, 2011
Presented by:
 Sr Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski OSB

 “Amazing Grace”: 
The Charism of
Ongoing Conversion

July 10-16, 2011
Presenter for the week
Clare A. D’Auria OSF
Directed Retreat
July 17-23, 2011
“When Evening Had Come….”
Mt 8:16-17

Preached Retreat
with Fr Jim Gavin OFM
July 24-30, 2011
A Week Long Holistic Retreat
Monday, August 1
to Saturday, August 6, 2011
Spirituality of Icon Writing
Retreat Workshop

with Rosaire Kopczenski OSF
August 7-13, 2011

for a Complex U.S. Society

Presented by Fr Eugene Lauer
August 7-13, 2011
Fr Lauer, a priest of the diocese of Pittsburgh, recently completed a three-year term as director of the National Pastoral Life Center in New York
God's Gift to Us
August 14-20, 2011
Presented by:
Rev Anthony J. Ciorra Ph.D
Dean of the Graduate School
of Religion and Religious Education
at Fordham University
Mission and Discipleship
August 21-26, 2011
Presented by Anthony Gittins CSSP
Professor of theology and culture
at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago
 and international presenter

Franciscan Center
3010 N. Perry Avenue
Tampa, FL

"The Power of Pause"
Becoming More by Doing Less
Terry Hershey
May 13-15, 2011 

Directed Retreat
June 10 - 17, 2011
Friday, 5PM to Friday, 1PM
Directors: Mary Arghittu OSF, Janet Sullivan OSF, Anne Dougherty OSF, Carol Mitchell and Maureen Connors
Fee: $555 single room, $450 commuter
Register with a $50 deposit
Balance due 10 days prior to retreat

Private and Directed Retreats
available upon request
for more information
or to register, visit
or call

Chiara Center Events
4875 LaVerna Road
Springfield, IL 62707

Directed Retreat
Dominican and Franciscan Sisters
serve as spiritual directors
during this retreat.
June 19 to June 24
October 23 to October 28

"Mystics in the Marketplace:
Then and Now"

Guided retreat journeying with some of the great mystics past and present
Director: Georgene Wilson OSF
July 10 to 15, 2011

"Claiming Our Faith
in Times of Change"

A weekend
Barbara Fiand DNDdeN
Sept 16-18, 2011
For more information and registration
for all programs go to:
or call 217-523-0901

Franciscan Life Center
Little Falls, Minnesota

"The Testament of Francis Retreat"
Monday, Aug 15 - Sunday, Aug 21
Director: Sr. Joanne Meyer OSF
Fee: $400

For more information call:
or check on their website:

Shalom Retreat Center
1001 Davis Street
Dubuque, IA

"The Sermon on the Mount:
Plan for a New World Order"

Friday, June 3 - Friday, June 10
Presented by
Chuck Faso OFM
Offering: $425 ($75 deposit)
Early Bird: $400
if registered by May 10

"The Uniqueness of John's Gospel"
Monday, June 27, 5:30 pm to
Sunday, July 3, 9:30 am
Presented by:
William Burton OFM
Offering: $360 ($50 deposit)
Early Bird: $335
if registered by May 27

8-Day Directed Retreat
Thursday, July 7, 7:00 pm to
Wednesday, July 13, 9:30 am
Fr. Scott Bullock
Liz Cummins OSF
Rev. Ginger Anderson-Larson
Dorothy Schwendinger OSF
Offering: $425 ($50 deposit)
Early Bird: $400
if registered by June 7

"Celebrating God's Presence
in the Universe"

Monday, Oct 3, 2011, 5:30 pm to
Sunday, Oct 9, 2011, 9:30 am
Explore ways to discover the Divine in the universe using music, film, poetry and the great outdoors.
Offering: $360 ($50 deposit)
Early Bird: $335
if registered by Sept 3

for information on these
and other programs go to:
Franciscan Spirituality Center
La Crosse, WI

Sacred Windows to the Divine:
Icon Writing Retreat/Workshop

The icon of Mary Hodasz
(Mary with the Rose)
will be painted

Sunday, May 15, 7:00 pm
to Saturday, May 21, noon

The icon of The Vistiation
will be painted

from Sunday, July 10, 7:00 PM
to Saturday, July 16, noon
Investment: $625 includes retreat/workshop, bedroom and meals
Commuter: $505 includes retreat/workshop and meals
Register early. Limited to 20 participants for each workshop.

The Franciscan Place
@ St. Joseph Family Center
1016 N. Superior Street
Spokane, WA 99202
Vacation With God
Celeste Crine, OSF
July 10-16, 2011
Fee: $400 (fee assistance available)
Registration closes:  June 30, 2011
“Spread Great Tablecloths”:
Hospitality as a Franciscan Response
Clare D’Auria OSF
August 18-25, 2011
Fee:  $485
Commuter: $395
Registration closes: August 4, 2011
St. Francis
Spirituality Center

200 St. Francis Avenue
Tiffin, Ohio

Touch the Earth -
Connecting with Creation

June 5-11, 2011
Sunday 5PM - Saturday 11AM
Deepen the connection to the Earth
in a spiritual way to see
the universe as the body of God
Linda Hass
Shirley Shafranek OSF
Donation $450
Commuter $300
(includes noon meal)

Clare of Assisi:
Standing Tall in Truth

June 18-24, 2011
Sunday 5PM - Saturday 11 AM
Reflect on the strength, the courage and the fire of compassion that led Clare and her sisters to follow the Gospel
Presenter: Roberta Marie Doneth OSF
Donation $450

Open to God's Love:
A Directed Retreat

June 26-July 2, 2011
Sunday evening-Saturday noon
Directors: Breta Gorman RSM
Nancy Harrison
Roberta Marie Doneth OSF
Donation $450
Commuter $300
(includes noon meal)

Franciscan Guided Retreat

September 18-24, 2011
Sunday evening - Saturday noon
Spiritual Directors:
Patricia Ann Froning OSF
Linda Haas
Roberta Marie Doneth OSF
Donation $450
Commuter $300
(includes noon meal)

Nonviolent Compassionate

Evening of Sept 30 & all day Oct 1
An opportunity to learn and practice nonviolent communication skills
for everyday life at work or home.
More information soon.
Facilitator: Mr Jeff Brown

Tau Center
Wheaton Franciscans


A Day of Reflection with
Brother Bill Short OFM
"Blessing What Life Presents:
Franciscan Wisdom
in Times of Chaos and Change
Sunday, August 7, 2011
To received more information
send an email to

Holy Spirit
Retreat Center

3864 420th Avenue
Janesville, MN

Jesus' Life Giving Questions
Presenter: Jolynn Brehm FSPA
Sunday, June 26
Saturday, July 2, 2011

Limited to 18 persons
Registration needed by June 1
Cost: $400 includes
overnight, retreat fee and meals

for further information
call 507-234-5712
or email
To view other retreats click
Programs at Holy Spirit Retreat Center
Portiuncula Center
for Prayer

9263 West St. Francis Road
Frankfort, IL

Summer 2011 Retreats

Women's Contemplative Retreat

June 13-17, 2011
"Sabbath Living
for Body, Mind and Spirit"
"Entering the Interior Castle
with Teresa of Avila"
"Finding Shelter and Inspiration
in the Lives of Women Who Dared"

A Retreat In the Footsteps
of Francis and Clare of Assisi

July 8-15, 2011
Murray Bodo will share insights into Francis and Clare, their lives and their meaning for us today.

Silent Directed Retreat
July 18-22, 2011
Environment fosters silence, solitude, prayer, rest and renewal.
Daily opportunity to meet with a trained spiritual director.